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Summer Newsletter 2014


Ocean Hill 1 Property Owners Association



Spring Owners Meeting


            A draft of the full minutes of the meeting (to be voted on at the October Owners’ Meeting) are posted on our website for your review.  The two key business items were discussions of the community improvement ideas that six different owner committees developed.  Those approved for this year have now been implemented.  It was decided to defer decisions on front entrance improvements and possible new signage until the October meeting.

            There was a good discussion among the owners and feedback to the Board about the draft document titled “Historic Covenant Interpretations and Precedents,” that was prepared by the Board and posted to the website for owner review in March.  The intent of the document is principally to advise owners of the process for getting Board approval for new construction or alterations of an owner’s property and how past Boards have interpreted the language.  As a result of these discussions the Board has revised the document and posted it on the website.  If there are further issues, concerns or clarifications that need to be identified, please let the Board know and we can discuss the draft document again in October.

            There was also a discussion of the document titled “Rules for Use of Ocean Hill Property” that captures in one place the rules established by this and previous Boards governing such matters as traffic on the roads and owner use of the 20-foot wide shoulder area that is part of Ocean Hill common property.  This document is posted on the website.

Community Improvements

Front Entrance – The current “Ocean Hill” sign on the north side of the entrance has been moved closer to NC 12.  The “Coral Lane” white obelisk has been removed and replaced with a conventional street sign.   The large green monster traffic regulations sign on the south side has been moved away from NC 12 for better readability after entering the subdivision.

Beach Accesses – All three beach accesses have had 16 ft of rollout walkway added across the toe of the dune, with posts and ropes on each side to make pedestrian access to and from the beach easier.  Per the request of the Bismark access committee, two bike racks and one bench have been added close to Atlantic Avenue.  All three beach accesses were sprayed with pre-emergent chemicals to hopefully combat the sand spur invasion we had last summer.

Meeting with Sheriff Lt. Banks

            Board members Bill Collins, John Kish and Ed Cornet met with Sheriff Lt. Jason Banks to discuss law enforcement issues facing Ocean Hill.  Lt. Banks stated that he now has four deputies on duty in Corolla and four more in Carova at all times during the summer.  They do not have a fixed patrol schedule for any subdivision, but if owners or guests observe any violations Lt. Banks requested that they call the Sheriff’s dispatcher at 252-232-2216 to report such matters as on-street parking, failure to observe speed limits or stop signs, trespassing, vandalism, fireworks, loud noise or any other nuisance from a neighboring home.  Our experience is that the deputies handle these situations in a very professional and effective manner when called.

            We requested that Lt. Banks park a patrol vehicle at the Adriatic intersection to deter trespassing across private lots on Ionian and Adriatic from homes in the Villages at Ocean Hill.  This nuisance still persists despite the new fence.  We have contacted the new President of the Villages to discuss the matter.  See the website “Trespassing” section for more in-depth notes of the meeting with Lt. Banks.

Other Community Issues

Trash on the streets – Most owners in the community have their trash cans moved back to their house by the evening of each trash pick-up day.  However, about 20 of our over 100 homes do not do so consistently.  Not only are the cans unsightly, but they get knocked over by wind or cars, leaving trash on the streets.  This is not the appearance, nor the odor that we want our guests to experience when they walk or bike along our newly paved roads.  Owners at the April meeting felt that maybe the owners of these rental homes are unaware that this is a problem.  It was recommended that  owners be contacted to make them aware of the issue when it occurs. Hopefully they will make arrangements with their rental company or one of several private vendors to return the cans each trash day.

Overflow Parking – Another issue noted at the April meeting is that a few homes do not seem to have adequate parking for their rental guests, forcing the overflow onto the street, where the cars may be ticketed, or onto the owner’s lawn area above their septic system.   Two owners already have had to replace their septic system due to compromise from parking.  Owners at the April meeting felt that it is likely that owners are not aware of the issue or its consequences, so communication with owners was urged.

Fall Owners Meeting Agenda Items - Sunday October 12th 2pm, Corolla Library

Agree on Front Entrance Improvements –  Among the infrastructure improvements considered for 2015 is a new entrance sign including landscaping.  The general consensus so far is for a more distinctive sign, with more visual impact, closer to Route 12, and something that distinguishes us from the Villages.  Other than the county height restriction of 6 feet, we have many options in terms of style (traditional, casual, beachy, something different); shape (a rectangle or free form shape; lettering style; wording (Ocean Hill, Ocean Hill 1, Ocean Hill One …); colors; and other design features .  We are eager to receive any ideas, suggestions, or sketches.  Please provide your thoughts to Karen Ish (obxish@aol.com or 252-232-0394),  Alicia McDonnel(obxgma@embarqmail.com or 252-453-4968) , Jodi Beshara jodibeshara@yahoo.com or 252-453-8050) or Margaret Binns(mgtpat@comcast.net or 301-990-7506).  Proposals considering all the input will be presented at the October homeowner's meeting for final approval.

Approve 2015 Dues and Budget – Please provide the Board with your input for other needed capital improvements and additional infrastructure maintenance needs.

Elect 2015 Board of Directors – Please consider serving your community with a three-year term as a Board member.  Contact any current or former Board member to get an idea of the responsibilities and time commitment required.



Restrictive Covenants

Articles of Incorporation


Special Assessment


Subdivision Background:

The Ocean Hill subdivision is a community of 111 home-sites in Corolla, NC. OH1POA, Inc. is a non-profit corporation representing the interests of all property owners in the community.  The Association owns the roads and road rights-of-way and operates and maintains them.  As of 2007 the property owners amended the Declaration of Restrictive Covenants for the subdivision requiring all property owners to pay annual dues and be subject to special assessments as approved by the owners.   The Association is managed by a Board of Directors who are elected annually at the October owner meeting.       


The 2014 members of the Board of Directors and their phone numbers are:

Edward Cornet President (252) 453-4560
Peter Delaporte 1st VP - Infrastructure (973) 543-3704
John Kish 2nd VP - Compliance Review (757) 613-4984
Karen Ish Treasurer (252) 232-0394
Bill Collins Secretary & Asst. Treasurer (252) 457-1013
Margaret Binns Asst. Secretary (301) 990-7506
Rich Young Director (703) 932-0422







Please contact any of us with questions or if you need access to the rest of the website.


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