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      Ocean Hill 1 Property Owners Association, Inc.

P.O. Box 323

Corolla, NC 27927

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Fall Owners Meeting

Sunday October 7 at 1pm - Corolla Library




New Board Members:

Alicia McDonnell - I bought my lot in Ocean Hill in 2003 and finally built my new house this year on Coral Lane.  I have been a full time resident of Corolla for seventeen years, and I felt that being here year round would be an advantage if elected to the OH Board. I will now be the Boards rep with Assure and Distinctive, checking on the infrastructure of our community, and reporting any issues to the Board and also to our non-resident homeowners. 

Dave Martel - Our house is at 1228 Atlantic Ave, lot 63, and we have owned it since June of 2012. We rent the house through Twiddy, but I like to be involved in the process and will visit about 8-10 times during the pre and post rental season. We live in Richmond, Virginia and hope the “new” bridge is built so I can cut an hour off my trip!

Nick Dowling - Jennifer and I have owned in Ocean Hill since 2010 and vacationed in Ocean Hill as a renter for 20 years.  We and our daughters, Quincy (16) and Kylie (12), love our visits to Ocean Hill whether for a week in the summer or holidays like Thanksgiving or a long weekend in the offseason.  Our home is Lot 35 at 1243 Atlantic and we use the house about four weeks a year and rent about 20 weeks a year.  While we own other properties for investments, we consider Ocean Hill our second home in the Outer Banks.  It is a special place for our family.

I've worked for near 30 years in politics, public policy and programs, both as a government official and as an executive of a government services firm.  My primary goal as a board member is to address important community problems with a more congenial, transparent and consensus oriented approach.  In particular, I am passionate about the importance of maintaining our dune and beach.

Continuing Board Members

Scott Henry- My wife Anne Shanaman and I have owned our home on Altlantic since 1999. We rented it for many years, but recently pulled it out of the rental program to get more "summertime at the beach". We have 2 children, Mia (17) and Grey (15). I have had a long career in Consulting, Information Technology and Operations, and currently work at Sotheby's leading Global Operations and IT. I have extensive board experience serving educational institutions/non-profits, and served fifteen years ago for a single term on the OH1 Board.

Cathy Lunde- My husband and I bought our home at 1256 Atlantic Avenue in August, 2015. We rent it out in the summer, but use it during the off season as much as we can, with our two daughters, Mary Rose (21) who is in graduate school at Virginia Tech, and Sofia (17) a high school senior. We live in Northern Virginia, in a suburb called Potomac Falls. I have worked in the telecom industry for over 25 years, and am currently a Sr. Consultant for AT&T.  

Ed Cornet – My wife Kathi and I have owned our home on Atlantic since 1993.  We rented it for a couple of years, then used it as a summer home.  We are now full time here.  My work career has been as a scientist, aerospace industry management consultant and then a university business school professor.  I have served on the Currituck County Economic Development Advisory Board, the County's Land Use Plan Steering Group and have served on the Ocean Hill Board in the past as Board member, VP and President.   

Bob Richardson -- My wife Laura and I first bought property in the Outer Banks in 2007 and we purchased our house at 1251 Atlantic Ave in 2012.  We rent the house during the summer, but use it as much as possible during the off season.  We live outside of Baltimore, Maryland and I retired in February 2015.  I was a corporate accountant for over 30 years.  I have been a member of several Boards including a credit union, private school and condo association.

The 2018 Board roles and responsiblities:  

Scott Henry - President                 (703) 283-9320
Ed Cornet - VP Covenant Compliance               (252) 453-4560
Cathy Lunde - Secretary                  OceanHillSecretary@gmail.com   (703) 930-5644
Alicia McDonnell - VP Infrastructure   (252) 453-4968
Dave Martel - Technology and Communications    
Nick Dowling - Long term financial planning    
Bob Richardson - Treasurer   (410) 370-4311

Please contact any of us with questions.


Restrictive Covenants

Articles of Incorporation


Road Ownership - The roads in Ocean Hill are private, deeded to the Association from the developer.  They were repaved in 2013.


Subdivision Background:

The Ocean Hill is an oceanfront community of 111 home-sites in Corolla, NC.  OH1POA, Inc. is a non-profit corporation established in 1990 representing the interests of all property owners in the community.  The Association owns the roads and road rights-of-way and operates and maintains them.  All new construction and remodeling work is required to be reviewed by the Association for compliance with the Declaration of Restrictive Covenants.  The Association is managed by a volunteer-owner Board of Directors who serve three year terms.  Owners elect new Board members at the Fall meeting.       




Ocean Hill One Property Owners Association